being the token masc, putting
flowers in your beard, discovering
that bullnettles are poisonous, itching
a graven image on your face, being
prettier after, screwing up
ha ha, sorry
doing it again from the top, being the
top, etching other gods next to the
first, tearing out the bullnettles, ruining
continuity, spilling the blood of the profit, being
the token prophet, setting a standard, living
forever, sweating the small stuff, itching
yourself to godhood or death, setting
a standard for death, refreshing
the canon
now do it again, better
this time, you’re integral
thankfully not for long



with beauty and happiness
being chemicals, a cloying

cocktail i want to suck
through my rolling teeth

let serum soak my insides
birth antibodies that play

operation with my sadness
chew the fat of my brain

into an apse of endless beeping
a dysthymic monument

the sun tumours on the horizon
then shatters into blood

i take a shard just in case
i sink into the comfort


IAN MARTIN is a writer, game designer, and perpetual buffoon. IAN's poetry has appeared recently in Half a Grapefruit Magazine, Train, where is the river, Plenitude Magazine, Bad Nudes, and Pretty Owl Poetry. IAN has published 4 chapbooks, most recently YOU'RE GOING TO HAVE TO KEEP THIS UP FOREVER (AngelHousePress, 2018) and PLACES TO HIDE (Coven Editions, 2018).