a 2018 love poem by a sexy librarian 

they told me it's like they’re living with a ghost 
working seven days a week and still being broke
a hollow wood carving, on the curb, water damaged from days in the rain 
undoing seams splitting – is there anything else?
i'm reading a lot of ghost stories and my main mode of transportation is through walls
filling out my shop page to sell my worn underwear while my partner and i watch 
ice dancing on the olympics on torrented cable in peaceful silence
spinning on a feeble identity, dancing, capitalizing on men’s money 
teetering on ice and it’s still not good enough
how’s this for a bio? 
“out of practice creating fantasies – the world, you, me, are ripping each other to shreds.
just when I think it can’t get any worse there’s more salt in the wound. a wound i can’t
even imagine. it’s diving into the abyss again trying to squeeze you. i learned what
“tabula rasa” was because it was a title of a “buffy” episode. this used to be easier
pretending i cared about what you wanted. being a fantasy is like riding a bike. you miss
100% of the shots you don’t take. do you ever think about how every school has a
mythology of a missing classroom? my high school had one about a missing swimming
pool. i wonder what this says about us. $5 extra for period blood”. 


Jackie Mlotek is a bookseller and writer in Toronto. She has been published in Feels Zine, McClung’s, Metatron's former blog OMEGA, Quill & Quire, Shameless Magazine, Seafoam Mag, Spy Kids Review, and Witchcraft Mag. She was shortlisted for the Metatron 2018 Prize for Emerging Authors.