once                 she left her phone
in her hoodie at the skatepark
and the next morning
the phone was gone                 but the hoodie
was there with an unforeseen dampness
            she had to wash it twice           
while she was pretty sure
it was just morning moisture                 it could have been
something that didn't belong to her

outsiders don't realize
its more craftsmanship than sport
            carving is involved
of pavement and shinbones
they are prideful refurbishers of the street
aware one day the "they"
will no longer include her         for now she is
the mantra ad nauseam:
"fuck anyone who hasn't spent hours of joy
            eating stairwells"

a pathological fun-haver           she is the child
who has come to bite fingers
determined to implant the sound of concrete and polyurethane
so as not to forget it in the abrahamic shame
of the last day               when she agrees
to the terms of service of her make and model
            holding out her phone before her in bed
for the lullaby of the instagram kickflip
after the loneliness of the blood they worshipped
            until it was hers
the plantars warts worked twice as deep
            to be worth half as much
the truth of her is the shame of possibilities:
                                                piss-soaked hoodies
                                                the eyes that could
                                                                                    if they wanted to

 they never had to break her leg on a board
           she did that for them
and when the earth holds an intervention
            for her addiction to self-sovereignty
they celebrate like it's her birthday
buy cake          for the over-turned bottle of her body 

sing to everyone else's delight her own



Kate Wallace Fry is Editor-in-Chief of the Warren Undergraduate Review and an undergraduate in UVic's English Honors program. Her writing has appeared in several publications including This Side of West, The Lebowski Publishers Blog, and UBC's New Shoots Anthology. In 2017, Kate was awarded 1st place in UVic Libraries' On The Verge poetry contest.