Jazz Impressions of Dundas Square

With the right kinda eyes I’d say you can even see humanity
With crop tops that cannot hide crooked spines 

Visible lint in ass cracks

On this cold corner with the Security guarded glass
Chaperoned smokers float
halfway between pamphlets of Islam and that golden statue dude
His gold dripping in the rain

How fuckin’ melancholy
When a single looney hits his bucket
and he turns like a melting waxwork                                     unaffected
Real Icarus shit 

You can always count on a stranger
to heckle your existence away if you stand out
But its becoming hard man
Have you been?
Strap a pink dildo to you head and see if anyone would even notice

Here’s a tourist attraction for ya:
A crooked line on the ground
And a four-digit number
Now bask in the immense pleasure
of having visited the longest street in the world
86 kilometers long!
The rest is a fuckin’ highway

Canadian tire money in hats
Guitar cases

Why do people come here?
For the view? For the magician?
Or the fat cat maybe
Snares and didgeridoos
And that one guy who ensures Jesus is always with us
Even if we don’t want him to be

Its all poetry
With old theatres and religion
Is there anything jazzier than poverty backlit by traffic lights?

I don’t think so
But maybe.


Khashayar Mohammadi aspires to become an eponymous law of motion. He attended the first ever legal Heavy metal Concert in Iran and is proud of it.