Dostoevsky's Weed Addiction

Dostoevsky couldn’t quit weed even though

he didn’t really like smoking it anymore.

He was aware that it was making him lazier

and although inducing in him creative states

and thoughts he normally might not have had 

sober, getting high likewise made Dostoevsky

less likely to go forth and act upon those

thoughts so coma-inducing was the amount of

weed that Dostoevsky couldn’t keep himself 

from smoking every hour on the hour from the

time he woke up until the time he fell into

bed at night burnt-out as the light bulbs

he likewise lacked the energy or motivation

to replace. It was for this reason that

the darkness pervaded Dostoevsky's garret, 

and so the man slept a lot. On some nights

however he would buy himself a six-pack of 

Pabst and write late into the morning.

Dream about Georg Büchner

I asked early nineteenth-century German writer

Georg Büchner how it was he pronounced his name.

He misunderstood the question however and began

reciting for me the dialogue to his play Woyzeck

I told him I'd seen the movie adaptation by

Werner Herzog. He nodded and we shook hands

and parted ways but not before kissing each 

other on the cheek. Later I slept at an inn.


Michael Mander lives in Montreal.