terminal queerness

pink marble set along my eye socket
hooked tips snaring her as the vodka turns
to cobalt fire on the edge of our breaths

five shots each got us losing our outlined realities
life lived like a looped set up

a body on permanent chemical bath
ego cast on an artificial euphoria
a plastic kind of sexy \ "come on," she says
madie's got ahold of my barbie lips

we're on oscillate between
the inevitable and the futile

the raven haired siren between my thighs
muscles still as i'm tongue spread

pain pills got us riding Triton
life lived like a looped set up

got myself on the pulse of the shutter
spreading my lips wide w/ tongue curled out
for snapchat's unending aether

madie's drinking me up
as circuits in me fry i lose myself
in the fantasy of us being but passerby
bonded with a mutual carcass
transient with a gaze past our iris

xanax got us flattened underneath fourth dimension
life lived like a looped set up

up against my cheeks now she's crooning
"you got lesbianism and it's terminal"



Mika Hrejsa is a transfeminine poet from Indiana that has been writing regularly since she was a sophomore in high school, and nowadays writes mainly about the experience of discovering womanhood, her transition, and the ennui of 21st century adult existence, usually through a filter of visceral horror and the surreal. Her work has been featured in publications such as the Squawk Back and has been called by other artists "a high-octane gut-punch" and "an intense, grime-laced howl against suffering."