Lazytown (We Are Number One)

The left of left is exegesis and the spittle of a black brick cracking open the humble hubris of a
fine dining experience. I hitch a ride with a low-travel keyboard and we drive until the
QWERTY cums a cup of chicken stock––love me tender, love me time, let this be the end of

Take a time on me; deposit a loan into my socket. I’ve never seen seeing until the yes of your
penitence caught my apple in its packet.

That’s gross.

I’ve written on nothing for forever but we’re still holding hands, rest assured. I’m riding the
waves of my problematic faves but deep down I just want a deep-dish pizza and a full eight
hours. Why are they mutually exclusive? My dandruff is just another piece of authenticity I
barter for at the nearest Whole Foods, where nothing else is.

I bought a seventeen-inch MacBook from the high priest of alt-lit and he blessed it with a
plenitude of shit. I’ve long since thrown out that babbling frat house of a computational fuck-up,
but that doesn’t mean the damage isn’t done. But it isn’t not done so I go down to the store and
buy a litre of almond milk––it’s unethical, but here we are. A Chalet Sauce Enema was really
just what I needed, after all was spread and won. I’ll see you in the morning.

Time is sucking on my belly, but I’m not sure who is more maternal––me or myself. Let’s
continue to polish our introductions. Until then, I’m left with the image of Ada Lovelace sitting
in a tree: techne, zero, one and me.


MLA Chernoff (@citation_bb) thanks you for visiting their profile. They are a PhD candidate at The Neoliberal University of York University. MLA's first collection of pomes, delet this, was released by Bad Books in the spring of 2018. A second collection entitled TERSE THIRSTY is forthcoming with Gap Riot Press. Have a nice day and please stay hydrated/have you heard of CBD oil? xo xo.