Loves to look at photographs of his fading wife
His own corpse seeks revenge on domestic themes
with lightning in his eyes for the male body is presented to
us lyrically in a context of combativeness physical
expression; a corporeal fetish, of denying vulnerability.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, baby, the male body is a site[!] a parasite
a construction site production a host of a language and
representation of anxiety, embodied anti-male anti-esteem
male writing speaks and writes through the male body the
male gaze the male enigma the male idiom and union
the males the men what is expelled from the individual
locker room and it’s cold orifices run alongside
our living pores. We graduate to the abject hassle-free
slowmo allure of a fading liquor ad polluting our lovely
blood stinking up our saliva as we abandon mother’s milk



Nathaniel G. Moore is the author of Savage, winner of the 2014 ReLit Award for Best Novel. His latest poetry book, Goodbye Horses was released and published in 2018 by Mansfield Press. He lives in Fredericton, New Brunswick.