Love is what I have decided

my friend says to me: i believe in good. i believe that people will choose what is good when i offer them the chance.

i realize how much of me is kept locked away, in rows of teeth, that are not mine. in rows of teeth,
sharpening. in extinction, and animals like extinction.

my place in things has never been good. i would not look at a stone falling into the ocean and call
that good. i will never look at my life and praise myself for trying. i will try and other times i will not
and other times i will love you.

the joy the stone feels while falling is what i have decided to scavenge from this world. love is what i
have decided to let pour down my arms. love and letting go. love as letting all of it go.


Sanna Wani is a person and poet in Toronto. Her work has been in Peach Mag, Glass: A Journal of Poetry and Hart House Review. She loves daisies